Erding Street Food Festival


I crossed another thing off my bucket list yesterday: Attend a Walhalla Street Food Festival. A ‘Street Food Festival’ is, simply put, a congregation of food trucks offering cuisines from all over the world and selling them with affordable price tags. Mintra, Wei and I took an accidental detour and alighted the train a stop too early, which effectively pushed us an hour back on our schedule, but all was made well when we entered the festival grounds and spotted Indian, Ethiopian, Tibetan, Chinese, Mexican, and American among so many others. We were thrilled!

Mintra snagged some fresh potato twirlies (a European delicacy), Wei got some Vegan tacos and I, a Vegan Indian sweet potato-pineapple curry with cous cous!


The gloomy weather failed at dampening our mood and we had an incredible afternoon together. Enjoy the little vlog from yesterday that I had put together!

Watch in HD!

Have a great weekend!


More photos on Flickr.


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