A Major Throwback, Day 8 Pt. II: Tutanekai Street Night Market, Rotorua, New Zealand


12.02.2015: Rotorua, New Zealand

Our last day in Rotorua happened to be on a Thursday.
It so happens that a night market is held along Tutanekai Street every Thursday.
Tutanekai Street happens to be two blocks away from our accommodation.
You might have guessed: we walked down the two blocks and joined in the fun.

This is an example of when everything in the universe aligns.


Growing up, I’ve always loved wet markets, farmer markets, flea markets, any sort of markets, so You can imagine how thrilled I was that our schedule made it possible for us to experience the Night Market here in Rotorua. Prior to the event, we had read online that the entire of Tutanekai Street would be blocked off for this market, and that the market will not only offer boutique style shopping, with the best the region has to offer in arts, crafts and produce, but we would also be able to taste a variety of ethnic cuisines (including Croatian, Indian, French patisseries, handmade Italian pasta and local kai!) and be entertained by talented local musicians.


The market grounds were packed and one could barely walk past others without overhearing their conversations. Niki and I headed straight for the food, of course. They weren’t kidding when they said they’d have cuisines from all over the world — we spotted Chinese dumplings, Spanish paella and even German pretzels! Niki purchased crepes and sorbet for herself while I, realising I didn’t have much left in my wallet, decided to simply window shop this evening.

There were two shops which especially caught my attention. The first was a stall that was selling beeswax wrap, which is the natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. I still remember that this period was when I was just beginning on my zero-waste lifestyle and I was simply intrigued at the reusability and eco-friendliness of something so natural. I’ve since come to learn that there are Vegan alternatives to beeswax. 🙂

The second shop which caught my eye was a handmade jewellery store. They had absolutely beautiful bangles which I felt I couldn’t give a miss to. There was one bangle (happened to be my favourite) that was so obviously missing a bead (could’ve dropped out or something) and so I asked if the missing bead could be filled/ if I could be given a discount, but the sellers told me ‘it was supposed to be that way’. Obviously, it wasn’t. The other bangles in the range didn’t have a bead missing! Long story short, I didn’t want to make a fuss and I loved the quirkiness that the missing bead brought to the bangle, so I just got it. I still love the bangle to this day.


Now this was the biggest surprise. Out of nowhere, a couple of the Vodafone Warriors (Rotorua’s rugby team) emerged and took their seats in a booth right in the middle of the market (which we were not too far away from)! Niki and I scrambled to get in line — we were hoping to score some autographs and pictures too if we were lucky (we were)! They were so humble and patient with every single one of their fans, accommodating to every one of their requests. It was such a treat!



What a way to end our time in breath-taking Rotorua.

Good night and goodbye till next time!

More photos on Flickr!


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