Running Sushi, Ice Cream & Friends Go Well Together

The clouds parting yesterday was reason enough for Wei, Robert and I to have a reunion. You see, yesterday was when the Munich Marathon took place, and we wanted to join in the party and ‘run’ our own marathon — a Running Sushi marathon, aka. a sushi buffet. We met at Fujikaiten along Münchner Freiheit and piled our placemats with all sorts of sushi rolls, rice paper rolls, spinach in peanut sauce (!!!), spring rolls, edamame, … We followed this up with phenomenal ice cream at Ice Date (ice cream is made Vegan with a common base of cashew milk and dates) along Amalienstraße — a little gem of a discovery Robert made. Two words: Food coma. The best kind of problem if You ask me!

Wei and Robert are doing well and are happy with where they are in their lives. Feet on the ground, head to the skies, heart open, quiet mind.

Thank You two for such a refreshing afternoon. 🙂

P.s. Check out Robert’s friend, Amy, on Youtube: Amy’s Lyric School!

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