Exciting Changes


Surprise, Surprise?!

Let’s start with the most obvious: my hair. My family and closest friends didn’t have the slightest clue about this impulsive decision (to cut chop it off myself), and this pretty much reveals it. It’s not done to a T, but I love it. I was tired of hiding behind my hair, I was tired of letting it define me — I am me, beautiful and worthy — and I was tired of spending so much money on shampoo. I’d rather have more bananas and maple syrup in my pantry. Thank You for empowering me to do this, Jo.

Second, I’m migrating again next February. It’s a long story — some parts happy, other parts not — but I’m super duper thrilled with how things played out. Life never goes as planned, it’s funny how I sometimes still am so adamant about headbutting fate.

Third, I’ll switch it up — I’m never using pads again. I don’t say this because I love getting into uncomfortable TMI situations with my readers, but because I care about the environment enough to ignore my (painful) insecurities and spread the message of the wonderful invention that is a menstrual cup, which I’ll begin using once my OrganiCup arrives from Denmark where it is made. Do take the time to visit its site, scroll through and process the information included in its infogram. Mind-blowing. If You’re in Asia, a Freedom Cup is also a great alternative because for every menstrual cup You buy from them, they donate one to a woman in need. I simply chose the OrganiCup because of its extra grip on the stem and the holes near the rim of the cup which were made for easy cleaning.

— — —

I managed to get a 20% discount code for anyone interested in getting an OrganiCup!
Code: “FB2016

Check out my page on OrganiCup.

— — —

Fourth, I’m quitting my Gym membership and getting in touch with nature again. One year of Body Pump/ Body Combat/ Zumba within 4 walls is just about enough for me. (Don’t get this wrong, I had a great time, but I just always felt like a part of me was missing… never fulfilled… never satisfied.) The mountains are sun is calling and I must go.

Fifth, I’m going to start living by Garrett Gee’s motto: Life is better when you’re exhausted doing something you love.


4 thoughts on “Exciting Changes

  1. Yay, I’m so glad you’re gonna be using a cup too! I’ve used mine for 4 cycles and I can’t stop talking about it, seriously. It will change your life!

    Also, you look absolutely stunning with your new hair 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is so reassuring :’) I am actually quite nervous about it! Haha any advice would be welcomed 🙈 (perhaps over facebook message would be more appropriate? Hahaha)
      And thank You for such a kind compliment! Thank goodness it turned out alright 🙈🙈🙈


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