The Last Goodbye

We ordered dean&david home delivery for lunch because I had a voucher to use and because, as it is tirelessly branded by this bistro chain, #salatmachtsexy. Except, neither of us had salad – I had a scrumptious sandwich and my sister had a colourful curry. (Speaking of food, I had the best bowl of soba noodles at Sasou the evening before — perks of having a foodie sister!)

A slow stroll to the deer ensued. The sun’s rays were flickering through the trees and despite being well into Autumn, it was still warm and comforting to be outside. My sister fed the darlings a few tufts of grass and bode her farewell, waving at them as she did. Till next time.

The apartment is quiet again, with the soft tunes of Lindsey Stirling’s violin playing in the background and I’m tracking my sister’s flight as she inches closer and closer to my parents, further and further away from me.

My sister was my last goodbye, and now I’ve got to learn how to slip into normalcy again — my to-do list, my dreams and bananas.

The stars are brilliant at this time of night.

P.s. Speaking of The Last Goodbye, I’m guessing You’ve seen Michael Phelps’ incredible Under Amour advertisement? Now watch this episode of Average Andy.

P.p.s. I’m still dreaming about the spectacular sunset we witnessed yesterday. How do wonders like this even exist?

A couple more shots from today…


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