Voelkers At Zell am See; Day 6


We had some time with our neighbour’s Haflinger horses before breakfast today, and whilst stroking one of them, my sister sought for balance on the sloping ground and accidentally brushed her hand against the fence. Dad, knowing this was an electric fence, asked, “Don’t you feel anything?” My sister shook her head but, seconds later, began twitching ever so slightly. “Papa, Mama… uh… there is something wrong, there is something wrong with me,” she said in a panicky-confused-amused state (which, to us, came across really comical), before she squatted and waited for the effects of a mini electric shock to wear out, which was relatively quick.

Chuckled and chortled Mum, Dad and I sure did for we knew that Caroline would be fine. She joined us laughing, too, with no less than a big playful smack on my Dad’s arm.

“Frame your mind to mirth and merriment which bars a thousand harms and lengthens life.” — William Shakespeare

Breakfast, complete with the freshest figs, was incredible, the mountainscape, complete with fluffy, invasive clouds — (1), (2) & (3) — looked spectacular, and the time in Zell am See, complete with the sweetest neighbours and the cutest pugs, was brilliant. But as all good things, our adventure came to an end today and had to heavy-heartedly make our way back to Munich.

Something to look forward to: We’ll be heading to the Oktoberfest either tomorrow or the day after. 🙂

More from today…

P.s. Justin Bieber visited the the Wiesn* yesterday!!!
*‘The Wiesn’, aka. Theresienwiese, is where Munich’s Oktoberfest is held at.

P.p.s. The shenanigans has begun… not like it had ever stopped.


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