A Week In Audio

“Humans, not places, make memories.” ― Ama Ata Aidoo

Last Sunday night, we were sitting in front of the TV, watching Germany’s version of  America’s Funniest Home Videos and, with every funny video that came up, Mum exploded with laughter that echoed through the halls and into each and every room in the house. It was loud, uncontrollable and downright hilarious.

“I’d like to remember this,” I thought.

Anyone could tell me how ‘explosive’ my Mum’s laughter was and how it ‘echoed through the halls’, but no one would be able to replicate it for me. I realised then that there were so many other moments in life that no amount of description could ever justify or reproduce, and what a shame it would be if one were to let all of that go. Memory could be a curse, yes, but it is also one of the greatest gifts.


*My sister laughing after my Dad said “… animals” was because I facepalmed.
**This is what needs to happen as a result of horses not having a gall bladder.


Our first night at Zell am See: From where we were seated on the balcony, we overlooked the lake and watched a brilliant water show at the other end of it. It was surprising how far the songs being played managed to travel. Do You recognise the tunes?


(I’m so sorry, I wasn’t feeling too well today and it didn’t cross my mind to record any audio.)


Mum, loving Tempeh, insisted that Tiny Tempah is called Tiny Tempeh


I swear Dad knows almost every single tractor in the world…

And this was Dad having a bleating match with a drove of sheep…

(Two audios today to make up for Wednesday.)


(My phone died on me, my bad!!)


Here’s to make up for Saturday!

After lunch by the Zeller See, we walked over to the lake to see the wading ducks. Mum and Dad broke out in quacks (yes, at the start of the audio, that high-pitched chirping-like sounds were Mum’s), and Sis spotted a pug she wanted to take a picture with. She eventually did.



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