Voelkers in Mallorca Day 2: Conquering The Waves & The Mountains Of The North Wind

I woke up to purple hues in the sky and good news that Dad was feeling better after spending a night recovering from an upset stomach. Breakfast was müsli drenched in orange juice because I was feeling funky and because I had a gut feeling it would be delicious (it sure was) before we set off for Platja de Can Pastilla, where the Mallorca Sea Caves tour’s meeting point for us was at 9am.

Unfortunately, a terrible misunderstanding and lack of updates given to us by the tour company led us to miss the tour by 30 minutes, but things worked out just fine and we were re-booked for the same tour on Friday.

“Since you’re all already here, why not grab a paddle, a vest and go kayaking! The conditions are great today despite the slight wind that is blowing out towards the sea!”

We couldn’t pass on the good offer, so kayak in the sea we did, with no less than bouts of laughter and rounds of friendly racing — me and Mum against Dad and my sister. With salt generously left behind on our skin by the evaporated sea water, smiles on our faces and a 6-litre bottle of water I had bought for us to share, we made our way back to the hotel to freshen up.

Next up: Serra de Tramuntana, West Mallorca

Travel guides I found online proclaimed that ‘The ‘Mountains of the North Wind’ which run the length of Mallorca’s north coast (southwest to northeast) are home to the island’s most spectacular landscapes.’ I can attest to this… I saw incredibly beautiful pieces of our Earth along the Serra de Tramuntana today. The Serra de Tramuntana runs for 88km from Andratx to Pollenca, with the rocky outcrops of Sa Dragonera and Cap de Formentor at either end. Ten peaks are over 1,000m, most of which are concentrated in the area around Lluc — the highest are Puig Major (1,445m) and Puig Massanella (1,349m)! In 2011, this stunning mountain range was even awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO for being an area of great Physical and Cultural significance.

I can imagine that the mountains would have been best seen slowly, on foot, but time wasn’t a luxury we had, so instead we drove, and settled for the handful number of times we got to get out of the car to capture beautiful landscapes and moments. No complaints, we enjoyed every second of it.

We started in Cala Major where we are based at, drove up to Sollér, had a paella each, and continued our journey further North to Lluc. It was a dramatic drive with traversing tunnels and gorges, and an endless procession of hairpin bends. Making it through those required total concentration on my Dad’s (the driver’s) part and it was right there and then that it became crystal clear to me as to why the locals call these roads ‘the most dangerous roads in Mallorca’. As we got higher and higher in altitude, forested hills began to give way to barren crags and peaks, and the more we managed to see of the insanely blue, insanely beautiful Mediterranean sea.

We kept going until the end of Serra de Tramuntana, where it ends at the northernmost point of Mallorca, Cap de Formentor. (We saved the best for last.) A famous lighthouse exists here, and although a spectacular structure, it paled in comparison to what else we saw when we stood at its base and scanned our surroundings. (Look at the picture featured above — that was taken there.) The expanse of blue water stretched in every direction to the horizon; there was no end in sight… The gusts of wind gave the ocean’s surface the look of shattered glass… The sun, on its way back to the horizon, shone off the rippling water, its golden light warped in the twisted, glass waves…

Oooohh blimey.

I feel that no amount of description from my part will ever do any justice to the reality of these places’ beauty, grandness,… magnificence. So instead I’ll show You: Here’s everything that blew me away today.


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