Curtains, Mango Sticky Rice & Red Cheeks

5 things for the 5th of September, feat. a throwback to Pakenham in July:

  1. I’ve been head over heels for a delightful 5-ingredient breakfast mish-mash: ‘The Athlete’s Müsli’, 100% corn cornflakes, alpro vanilla-flavoured soy yoghurt, Isola Bio Rice-Hazelnut mylk OR alpro chocolate soy milk, and homemade coco-maple granola.
  2. Curtains were installed this morning and our apartment is starting to feel a lot more like home. They’re such a warm, comforting touch, I can’t quite explain how snug and safe they make me feel.
  3. I had mango sticky rice at Manam, a Thai restaurant Wei introduced me to, this evening and it was heavenly.
  4. I did a makeshift 60-min home workout tonight and Mum said that I ‘look pretty with red cheeks’. ☺️
  5. Mike Perry’s The Ocean is my jam.

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” — Roald Dahl

P.s. If You’ve been to Mallorca, let me know which places my family and I should hit up. We’ve got an itinerary, but suggestions from seasoned travellers are always a bonus!

P.p.s. I’ve found an appreciation for the ‘crow’s feet’ that appear on my face when I smile. 🙂


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