Wild Apples Taste Better

Yesterday morning’s air was bracing, unpolluted and crisp like an apple plucked straight from the branch, crisp like the wild apple Mum picked up from the base of an apple tree we spotted during our walk-jog at Hirschgarten. The sun had just risen and as we walked under the canopy of tall trees, strands of its molten-gold beams flickered through the gaps between the leaves, illuminating the greens into virescent riots. Making my way through this beautiful part of Hirschgarten vaguely brought me back to The Redwoods in Rotorua’s Whakarewarewa Forest.

We smelled hay, found little green acorns, visited the whitetail deer in the enclosure and fed them grass, just like Miriam did when she was here in June. Dad noticed that one of the deer was peeling Antler Velvet, and said that this usually happens as Summer draws to a close. They are such beautiful creatures, I wish they’d be set free one day…

More pictures from this morning!


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