Kartoffelbrot, I’m Back

Conversations on board the plane were shared with that guy in my dreams who kept telling me to ‘run up the mountain because there were fig trees to be discovered’, with my sister who advised me to watch Hologram for the King, and with an elderly man from Melbourne whose birth home is in the northern part of England (and who, by the way, says “Okay” like Jay Lynch). He was on his way to his Dad in Manchester who had just recently suffered a fall and was going to begin his rehabilitation process soon. This Melbournian told me that in Melbourne, helmets are a must for cyclists, that sometimes the fish in Fish N’ Chips is shark meat, and that there is so much greenery where others only see a city.

“You’ll fall in love with Melbourne!”

He also told me that the most beautiful sunset he’s ever seen was in Santorini, Greece…

Dinner on board the plane was a spiced chickpea-corn stew with rice and courgette coins and carrots. I had a side of bread and fruits so sweet they bordered on tasting artificial but were delicious nonetheless. Breakfast was steamed green peas, carrots, parsley potatoes and salty mushrooms. I had a side of bread, fruits, orange juice, apple juice and soy milk.

I’m currently munching on glorious Kartoffelbrot, naturally, and watching a TED talk about how trees talk to each other, Jonah Green talk about 13 colours humans can’t see, and a social experiment: ‘What If Every Woman Was Beautiful?’. I might eat some fruits soon, strawberries blueberries, bananas and a mango. I’ll then head for the 6.50pm Pilates session, and then maybe the 8pm Zumba session too if jetlag hasn’t kicked in by then…


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