Movie Mates Without The Movies

Aperture doesn’t work to my favour sometimes and blurs me out while it focuses on my beautiful friends, but that’s alright because they deserve all the spotlight there is — they’re such incredible people.

Yellow is yellow, yellow and green is blue, yellow and green and red is purple, Purple and Brown is a British stop-motion animated short television series I used to watch and get annoyed with (sorry) when I was younger. But I digress. Point is that I think we’re all colours, and we bring our colour with us wherever we go. Every group is a unique colour made up of the sum of its members’ colours, a unique colour which translates to the unique dynamic of this group of friends — a dynamic that works for them.

Remember how I mentioned in this post that this night was supposed to be Movie Night? We were supposed to watch Little Miss Sunshine as suggested by Ching, but we got so caught up exchanging thoughts and dissolving into laughter that we ‘forgot’ about it altogether. It was mutual that we were glad that we hadn’t watched the movie, though, because if we had, we wouldn’t have achieved the level of connection that we had managed to… and that was priceless.

Like a dear friend of mine, Charlotte, once said,
“Conversations about life should be as effortless as you make them.”

Thank You for the ease of conversations and understanding between us. I cannot wait till the time we meet again a few months down the road and pick up from where we left off (hopefully with full attendance this time round!). I can imagine the smile on my face and the blooming flowers in my heart as I listen to all the things that made You happy, inspired or encouraged in the few months we were apart. It is so beautiful to be among gentle, genuine and gorgeous souls like the lot of You.

Never ever change for anyone, I adore You all tons and tons and tons.


P.s. Mum, Dad, Sister, I told You the combination of maple syrup and dijon mustard as a dip for steamed veggies and sweet potatoes is absolute bliss. It was a hit with these friends. 😉

P.p.s. I realised during the catch-up that all of us are bloggers — Miriam, Jasmine, Ching & Goo. ❤


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