Little Little India Adventure

“A person does not grow from the ground like a vine or a tree, one is not part of a plot of land. Mankind has legs so it can wander.” ― Roman Payne, The Wanderess

Stayed for most of my life in Singapore and yet I missed out on really experiencing one part of this little Red Dot: Little India. You know those Learning Journey trips we took in primary and secondary school? Yea my class just never seemed to get chosen to head to Little India other than that one time. I didn’t see much of Little India during that excursion, though, for I was more focused on making sure the henna I had just gotten didn’t smear on anyone’s uniform. Oh little me


Today, I finally ended up in Little India again with my dear friend, Uma. Mustafa shopping centre was first (Bob’s Red Mill haven, seriously!!), beautiful Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple was second, the streets of Little India were next — flower garlands, insanely huge Malaysian bananas (at least 30cm!), traditional Indian attire in all colours of the rainbow, gooseberries, … — and the incredible Indian Heritage Centre was last. It was at the IHC where we took a selfie with Mahatma Gandhi, saw a handbag made from parachute cords, saw the picture of the man behind the Jumabhoy empire, and heard my all-time favourite Indian song (Singapore’s Indian National Day song, Munnaeru Vaalibaa)!

Little things Uma taught me along the way…

  1. South Indian delicacies usually have loads of rice flour in them and North Indian delicacies are usually spicier.
  2. The North Indians dance Kathak while the South Indians dance Bharatanatyam (the dance Uma learns).

Despite the unrelenting haze, it was a beautiful afternoon and many cheery memories were made; like when Uma and I put on Indian headgear and took a selfie (I realised I had the headgear the wrong way around after we snapped the picture…) (featured above), or when that guy behind the flower garland stall did the peace sign at me when I wanted to snap a picture of his stall (a pity I only clicked after he put his hand back down!), or when this conversation transpired between me and the guy manning the Indian snack stall:

Me: *snapped a picture of his Ladoo*
Him: “Every picture $10.”
Frantic Me: “Oh okay, sorry I’ll delete it now.”
Him: “Every delete $20.”
Me and Uma: … ???
Him: *bursts into weak giggles*

Uma introduced Motichur Ladoo to me at this very snack stall and I bought one to share with my family later that evening.

Thanks for the recommendation, Uma! We loved it! 😀

More pictures from this little Little India adventure!


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