My Little Web Discoveries

Watch what it’s like to read lips.

10 things happy people don’t care for.

The (un)official Harry Potter Book of Spells.

Slow Dance, the coolest frames I’ve ever seen.

This is what happens when dogs don menswear.

Mysterious new whale species discovered in Alaska.

15 unique illnesses you can only come down with in German.

The most googled products in every country in one crazy map.

How an unexpected friendship with a wolf changed a whole town.

This is the best time to become bilingual, according to brain science.

The ‘driest place on Earth’ is covered in pink flowers after a crazy year of rain.

Tel-tales: ‘What they found was a bit of a shock. Children’s telomeres did, indeed, correlate in length with those of their parents—but they correlated only with one parent, the father. […] The correlation between paternal lifespan and children’s telomere length applied only to daughters. Moreover, the age at which men and women became parents also influenced their offspring’s average telomere length: the older the parents, the longer the offspring’s telomeres.’ The longer our telomeres, the longer we could potentially live!

Sigh, the trees around here (featured above) are so naked now.


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