Fair Dinkum

Yesterday, I was recommended to watch Crash Course World History by John Green, Captain Fantastic, and Sing Streetconvinced that Adam van Koeverden is pretty cool (kind of a looker, too), and asked if I thought a person could truly truly change. You then mentioned in addition: “One could only change through trauma or one’s conscious effort to make habitual changes.” Fair dinkum.

Yesterday, I heard of the fair phrase ‘Fair dinkum’ for the first time. It is Australian slang that means ‘fair or true’, used by someone to proclaim a fact or truth in a statement, learned that the names ‘Loki’ and ‘Thor’ originated from Norse Mythology, and rated the Esplanade Festival Village a 3.5-ish/10 (sigh) (I enjoyed the Singapore-/Singlish-inspired stall — where I saw the above featured bundle of pencils — though).

Yesterday was a pretty darn good day. And that is fair dinkum.


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