Things I Left Unsaid

Yesterday night, as my sister blow dried her hair, she sang. She sang her heart out, effortlessly hitting every note of Impossible, originally sung by Shontelle.

When she switched all the remaining lights off and got into bed beside me, I reminded her to close her study room’s door (where she keeps one of our hairdryers) when blow drying her hair the next time, especially when it’s late at night, because the noise might wake Mum or Dad up, just how I was woken up last night.

What I should’ve said was that she’s incredibly talented… that she should sing, not only in the shower where the acoustic is best or while blow drying when the whirl of the wind drowns out her flawless singing voice.

Be generous with Your talent, little one, the world needs more free and light-hearted spirits like You. You belong among the wildflowers.


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