I Have Sleepy Eyes

Today I went out with Mum and Dad as ‘an only child’ as my sister busied herself with runs and flower dome visits with friends. I missed her, I wish she could’ve been with us, but at the same time, I admit… I did enjoy being the only one at the receiving end of my parents’ attention.

Today I styled my hair into a bun and it brought me back to when Giovanni called my bun ‘a garlic’.

Today I realised that a lot of Caucasians have sleepy eyes when they smile, and that I may have sleepy eyes too (more obvious in some pictures than others). I love how I have a part of Dad with me at all times. 🙂

Today, we’re two days away from Motoki Monday.

Today I went a little crazy with Zak Water’s ‘Pretty Wings’.

Today I had fun.

One more thing. With regards to the rumour I heard about ‘my parents being divorced, that my Dad lives in Germany while my Mum lives in Singapore’: Please stop the lies. It isn’t funny. Such rumours are hurtful. My parents are happy together as can be; 22 years and going strong.


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