I’ve Always Loved Her Smile


“Because that’s what kindness is. It’s not doing something for someone else because they can’t, but because you can.” — Andrew Iskander

Dearest Char, I hope You know that You’ve got a heart so golden, a soul so giving and an aura so pink, I can’t help but feel inspired by You to be a better version of myself.  Thank You for sitting next to me on the first day of Chinese class in Secondary 1 and for sitting across me over lunch today as we talked about recent adventures, rush hour in the Lake District,  morse code bracelets, seven years of friendship and funny mispronunciations — film, yoghurt, photographer, Japanese, opportunity, room? — among other lovely things. Today was delightful, as always.

All the best for Your journey to soccer stardom (😉) and for the beginning of the new semester on the 8th. A million thanks, too, for the beautiful bouquet of orchids (while on the way home, three people jokingly asked me if the bouquet was for them!); they’re now snug in a glass vase, sitting atop my dining table.

Here are a few more pictures on Flickr…


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