Today Was Weird


Today I realised that beige-coloured beans make me uncomfortable. Lima beans, for instance.

While on a phone call with Auntie Elfriede earlier on to wish her a Happy Birthday!, I suddenly forgot the dative form of ‘Du’.

I couldn’t think in English after the conversation in German and  I couldn’t recall what the noun form of the word ‘investing’ was. The voice in my head took many guesses: ‘Invest’, ‘Investition’, ‘Investation’, ‘Investiture’, …?

I didn’t sleep enough last night. How did I survive in JC?

Stuck by Caro Emerald is making me grin. It’s such a happy yellow lemony song. ‘Why am I sitting in the middle of nowhere, standing here with nothing to do; Wondering if I really love you, woah oh I guess that I do…’

Hey wait, it’s ‘Investment’, isn’t it!


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