Drops Of Youth With Miriam

“Would either of you mind being a model for the presentation later?
We have the skincare and make-up section…”

“I don’t mind the skincare section!”

And that was how Miriam ended up being one of the two models invited up on stage to take part in the presentation of The Body Shop‘s new Drops Of Youth range of skincare products and argan oil-based hair products.

After 2 hours of learning about our skin layers, fine-tuning our skincare regime (cleanse! tone! serum! essence! moisturise! protect!), learning make-up and hairstyling tips and tricks, we  collected our free goodie bags before having our lunchbox lunches by an indoor fountain.

Miriam and I were still giggling about how the photographer at the skincare workshop kept jumping around, going to great lengths (and corners), and bumping into TVs, frantically trying to get good shots of the event, as we walked over to the Asian Civilisation Museum.

We had a talk on Christianity In Asia (ACM launched world’s first exhibition on the history and spread of Christian art in Asia) to catch at 2.30pm!

Fast forward a little, it was 4pm as we emerged out of the building. Miriam noticed the ‘pulled apart Talus Dome‘, recognising them from a little adventure I had around this area a few months back, and so we just had to take a couple of our own warped selfies in front of them too. 🙂

More pictures on Flickr.

The familiarity of being adventurous with You again (after the whole month gallivanting around Europe) was just so sooooo comforting. 🙂 Thank You for being such a dear friend, Miriam.


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