Golden Glows With Goo

Before the creamiest, fruitiest, with-the-best-topping-est acai bowl of my life, I

saw a guy crack his neck using a frighteningly violent series of hand motions,
shifted in my seat and wrongly indicated to the guy sitting next to me that I wanted to alight,
read “British Pound 1.3159” on a Bloomberg digital billboard along Church Street,
walked by the bay area, where I saw the golden glows of the sunset,
spotted a worrying black cloud of smoke rising from something that looked like a floating platform in Marina Reservoir and

met up with Goo, who I had a smiley, laughy catch-up with, over a bowl of absolute acai‘s signature bowl. I swapped out the honey coated granola for more coconut flakes because I really could do with more iron, magnesium and deliciousness in my bowl.

More photos on Flickr.

Thank You for such a lovely time, Goo. ❤


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