Today is the 9th of July and currently it’s right about 5.53pm as I begin to draft this post. This means that it’s been a day since my month-long adventure with Miriam came to an end, that it’s my sister’s 19th birthday (I gave her a bracelet made out of stones found in Mt. Vesuvius, a keychain of the leaning tower of Pisa from Pisa, a bohemian-styled organic notebook from London and quite possibly the best Liquid Chocolate Shot in the whole wide world from Cambridge) and that I’ve been back for just about 13 hours and 2 minutes.

I longed for that sense of peace and even boredom that comes with long familiarity, and I found it here. It’s so comfortable, so comforting… this familiarity. The smell I smell at home, the space I fill in my Mum’s embrace and the purples and pinks in the sky when the sun sets.

It’s 6.27pm currently. I walked away for a while.

A quick summary of today: I ate from my Dad’s stash of oatmeal, müsli and granola for breakfast, a half pita pocket at Pita Pan for lunch, and baked sweet potatoes and bowls of cornflakes and rice milk and toast with almond butter and strawberries (so many ‘and’s!) for a cheeky dinner.

It’s 9.04pm now and my sister just came home after dinner with a few friends. I’ve finished uploading all the photos from the trip, settled accounts (sort of, for now), arranged all the components I’d need for the scrapbook I’m making for the trip and am charging my phone.

9.07pm and Wimbledon Women’s finals is taking place right now. It is going to be a game between Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber. I’m getting all jittery, I’m excited!


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