Nymphenburg Castle In My Backyard


The whole of Munich celebrated Corpus Christi on the 26th of May, which meant that a holiday was declared that day. All shops were closed (except for some bakeries and my Gym!), the sun was out and so was every single human. I’ve been to Schloss Nymphenburg (Nymphenburg Castle) once but that was about half a year back and now after having moved slightly southwards, the castle is now no more than 1.7km away (about 10 minutes by bike) so I had no reason not to drop by that day.

Plus, I plan to bring Miriam there when we drop by Munich during our Europe gallivanting, so I really wanted to make sure I didn’t mislead us both.

I began with a ride around the periphery of the castle, which I followed simply by riding along the continuous wall built to separate the castle from its surrounding. What I thought would take me 30 minutes tops extended to a whopping 50 minutes, but to be fair, I did stop several times to take pictures of the calming greenery around me.

There were so many people, dogs, birds, squirrels and bees around me… it was magical to be in the midst of so much buzz, energy and life.

What ensued was parking my bike by the castle’s grand entrance and walking into arguably one of the most gorgeous gardens I’ve ever seen in my life. Mirabell Castle’s garden is a possible contender, but right there and then, I was left speechless and I could focus on no other garden except for the one I beheld in front of me.

Miriam, I can’t wait to bring You here!


Oh and those cages, out of which the flower is growing? It is so that no one walks/ bikes over the growing blooms.

Many many more magical photos of the castle’s garden on Flickr.



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