77 Minutes On My Bike


The day started out so so grey that morning. Clouds were aplenty although we didn’t get a drop of rain, but suddenly at about 5pm as I was busying myself reading a medical article on skin layers, I felt the tingly warmth of the single ray of sun which had filtered through my metal roller blinds. I tilted my head to the left and saw the most beautiful thing that day. The sun, despite all forecasts and expectations, fought its way through the clouds and said hello. I figured then that surprise was nothing more than a gateway emotion, for my initial surprise segued into delight and excitement within seconds.

I changed into my cool hexagonal-patterned tights, my white turtle-neck and put on my soft maroon jacket before heading out of the door. I fastened my sling bag into my bike’s basket, seated myself comfortably on my bike and that was it. I was on my way to Olympiapark.

Olympiapark used to be my backyard before I moved, but now it’s about 7km away. It’s not too bad, it makes for a good chill ride on days when I don’t feel like going all out.


Lavender and Hellebore were just beginning to bloom and they were doing such a good job at painting the fields warm, calming shades of yellow and violet. I walked up the path I used to frequent and persevered all the way up to the peak of Olympiaberg to steal views of the entire city. I’ve always loved it up there — everything in Munich was in sight and it felt almost as if I were on top of the world. It’s ever peaceful and ever beautiful up on Olympiaberg.

More sunny Spring shots on Flickr.

After the nostalgic tour around the park, I got back on my bike and rode home. I realised I had only hit 72 minutes metres before my doorstep so I took a short detour to make sure I’d clock in 77 minutes. “7” is my favourite number, and well, palindromic numbers are cool too.




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