Running With The Wind


There are some perks to living literally 10 seconds away from a park.

For one, I wake up to beautiful sunrises and drink tea to beautiful sunsets — my favourite moments are when the sun plays a few minutes of hide-and-seek with me as it flickers through the tree branches and leaves, like a subtle hello or a subtle goodbye.

Second, I have an excellent route to run whenever I feel like I’m up to it.

Third, there are playgrounds around the garden’s grounds so sometimes I’d find myself sat on one of the benches and watching little kids having the time of their lives playing catch or tag.

Fourth, there’s also a bench right in front of the pond where I sometimes sit while I have my packed lunch as I’d watch the ducks waddling around on the water.

The first run I ran after my parents left left me feeling empty. What I saw then (above) and what I saw before (below) were worlds apart although they look pretty much the same. One day I was with two of my favourite people in the world, and the next I was all alone with only the cool breeze brushing against my cheeks to remind me of my parents’ touch.

I miss You both.

Now just a little background knowledge on this park… It is called “Hirschgarten”, which directly translates to “Deer Garden”. It’s named this way because free roaming deers exist in the garden and Europe’s largest beer garden (Biergarten), named “Hirschgarten” as well, takes up  a sizeable part of the garden.

It’s a pretty cool place.

More pictures of the greens, the flora and the deer (!!!) on Flickr.

P.s. If You haven’t already, do Your fun self a favour and have a listen to the song by Alle Farben (feat. Younotus) titled Please Tell Rosie. I spend a lot of my time at home dancing and losing myself to this tune.


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