Little Paul & Littler Giso Pt. II


My parents have always told me that both me and my sister are growing up so quickly and that they can barely keep up with the speed at which time is slipping through their fingers. They always tell us to treasure each moment and try to always be present in them… to never only exist, but to also live.

I don’t know why I’ve always struggled to grapple with the idea that time does rush by all of us. Perhaps it’s because I see myself every day and I pretty much look and feel the same. The gradualness of my daily growth seems to blur my sense of the speed of passing time. Seeing Paul and Giso is a once in a blue moon affair though, so their rapidly increasing heights, mobility, clothing sizes, vocabularies and cheekiness are nothing less than testimonies of passing time to me.


We enjoyed tea time together before Paul and Giso had to go for their baths. It was slowly getting darker and thus was about time that we left, too. I snapped a few final pictures of them in their little tubs as we said our goodbyes; they didn’t say “Cheese!”, they said “Himbeeren!” which translates to “Strawberries!”

More heartwarming pictures of the little ones on Flickr.



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