Let’s Drive To Starnbergersee


We literally just turned the key in the keyhole after having gotten back from looking for curtains when suddenly, Papa said, (You guessed it) “Let’s drive to Starnbergersee. Then at least I brought my shorts for a reason… I haven’t managed to wear them this whole trip!”

Talk about IMPROMPTU?!

We had plans several years ago for me to move to Starnberg instead of Munich because it’s a little quieter and a little closer to water, where I presumably would spend half my time paddling in a boat… but things didn’t work out as planned and I’m quite glad it didn’t.

I’ve quite honestly fallen in love with all the magic that happens in Munich.

There are many boathouses along the lake where people could rent boats of all sorts for an hour two. I remember renting one with my Papa, Mama and Caroline a couple years back and about 4 minutes into paddling, Mama joked, “I can already feel my cellulite reducing.” Oh my my, the fits of laughter that followed… haha!


And this was pretty exciting, we saw KINGSLEY COMAN. THE KINGSLEY COMAN!!!!


Surprise surprise, so did Papa. 😉 That day happened to be Papa’s birthday, so really, it couldn’t have gotten any better. He sent the picture of himself with Coman to his good friend, Werner, who is a HUGE football fan, with no other intention than to make him jealous. That’s what friends are for, right? 😂

More memories from that day on Flickr.

Dabble in the impromptus, they do make the best memories.
Life is a lot more exciting this way, take my word for it. 🙂



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