Leeheim Turns 1250 Years Old



On this special day, Papa drove us through his hometown.

So many of the houses had the Leeheim flag hung proudly outside on the facade of their houses. I asked Papa about the flags and he said that every village has their own. Something to hold the community together, I figured.

It was Friday, the 13th of May and the village was due to celebrate their 1250th birthday that evening. In the picture above, the white tent in the distance was where the entire village would head to that evening and where the celebration would be accompanied by music, dancing, laughter and beer.

Speaking of flags, I saw some American ones in Papa’s home’s garage, which is currently being rented by a neighbour to store his collection of vintage vehicles.

It would have been lovely to have had the chance to join in the fun of the celebration but we, unfortunately, had to drive back to Munich already that afternoon. Before that, though, we stopped by an old friend of Papa’s and she had a gorgeous pot of flower, which she said were growing through the cracks of the bricks on her driveway. She simply collected them all and put it together.

I’m not sure what type of flowers they were exactly, but I’m pretty sure the pink ones are relatives of the chrysanthemum flower and the purple ones belong to the pansy family.

In other news, I fell in love with this simple oatmeal combination that morning: a base of rolled oats soaked in way too much sweet soy milk and topped with way too many banana chips, dried apple rings, and prunes.

I guess Friday the 13th isn’t so bad after all.

More pictureeeessss


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