Innenstadt Of Darmstadt, Bedsheets & Pizza


Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. — Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke

These pink blooms accompanied Mum and I during our walk to Darmstadt’s city centre from our hotel last week. Its family of trees stretched the entire 1.6km of the walk and it was just about the most beautiful ‘runway’ I’ve ever seen.

A sudden cold wind took us by surprise as it blew over the little green land we were at, and it made the trees rustle like living things.

I grew up with bowls and plates and soup spoons that looked like these ones which I spotted in an Asian mart along the way. Is it an Asian thing to have such tableware in the kitchen? They made me nostalgic of my childhood and memories returned. I remembered the time I accidentally broke a plate with this pattern because I hit the spoon too hard on it and also the mornings I’d spend eating oatmeal porridge out of the bowl, which also came from this tableware collection.

Perhaps I’ll get some for my pantry back in Munich.

We walked by the grandiose Ludwig monument which we saw standing tall in the centre of Darmstadt city. Das Ludwigsmonument (umgangssprachlich Langer Lui oder Langer Ludwig) ist ein Denkmal für Ludwig I (auch Ludewig I).

The building of the monument’s stone foundation took place on 14 June 1841, which was also Ludwig I’s birthday. The column was designed by Georg Moller and Balthasar Harres the statue of Ludwig Schwanthaler and cast by Johann Baptist Stiglmaier.

The 5.45m high and 5400kg heavy bronze statue represents Ludwig I, who holds the new Constitution of the Grand Duchy of Hesse in his right hand. His gaze is directed towards Rheinhessen, which was the newly acquired land during his reign. A spiral staircase of 172 steps winds its way up through the column, all the way to the viewing platform at the foot of the statue, at 30.04m above ground level.

We didn’t have much time to go around the city centre that afternoon, but we did what we could. We bought bedsheets, wanted to have lunch but the Italian restaurant we wanted to have pasta and pizza at were having their afternoon break, bought some chocolate for my elder sister’s family and also visited a little 100% Vegan grocery store (I treated myself to a bag of unsweetened/ unpreserved crunchy, dried mango slices from Burkina Faso and apple rings from… Germany).

I almost forgot to mention — they also had the most delicious (I know they were delicious because I could try all of them heehee!) selection of pesto and hummus and bread, cake and even croissants (yes, croissants! Made from spelt flour!).


I asked Dad what they were, those little lime green creatures all over the rose petal. He said that they were lice, a relative of what we’d usually find in dogs for example. Apparently, humans aren’t the only creatures who love roses. Lice do too.

We didn’t have many options for dinner in our area but what we did have was Vapiano, which I find absolutely delightful because they have complete menu for those who nourish themselves through a plant-based lifestyle.

I had the Verdure pizza but took out the Mozzarella which was supposed to come with it. The pizza dough base was topped with perfect, homemade tomato sauce, fresh mushrooms and grilled veggies. Mum and Dad both had pasta. 🙂


As we walked back to the hotel, I spotted ‘wave clouds’ in the distance. I’m not sure what else to call them… They’re clouds which seemed to form a wave sequence. Do You see them?

More shots (including the delicious Pizza) on Flickr.


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