In My Path


He had his feet slipped into black, faux leather shoes, wore coral-orange pants, a dark blue pullover and a grey-checkered shawl was wrapped around his neck. He had Rôle de plaisance clutched in his hands, too.

She had black (somewhat dark blue) suede boots, black (somewhat dark blue) (somewhat acid-washed) jeans, a red-white, faded checkered shirt and a black cotton blazer.

He had a teal blue t-shirt, CK undies (because they were peeking out), blue, orange and white-checkered bermudas and bare feet, which pedalled his green-wheeled bicycle. He had really nice ruffled hair, too.

She had a yellow tank — the really happy kind of yellow — khaki green three quarters, brown sandals and a bright orange blanket in her bicycle’s basket. She must have been on her way to a picnic.

We’re all humans, aren’t we? – J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


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