A Paper In Essenbach

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Munich kinda sorta really did run out of places in their exam venues for one part of my medical papers so myself and about another hundred or so students were posted to Essenbach (North-east of Munich; about an hour’s drive away) for this portion of the exam. It was a matter of luck really and I didn’t have any, or at least that was what I thought…

My alarm woke us both at 5, we were less groggy and on the road by 6, reached ESKARA in Essenbach by 7 and found out I only needed to arrive at 8. I suppose I, too, was as groggy when I read the information sheet as when I awoke that morning.

I could have taken the train to Essenbach Hauptbahnhof but Dad offered to drive me to my exam centre as he repeatedly reminded me that I had to make sure that I had at least two felt-tip pens with me, either in black or dark blue, and that I needed to have enough bananas and CORNY Haselnuss (Hazelnut) energy bars (I didn’t have time to make any energy bars for there was so much arrangement and settling to do in my new apartment upon moving in… so I had to buy some from the Supermarket. I settled for the ones on sale hehe!) to last me the hours between recess breaks. We get to eat during our papers, You see.

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It wasn’t the easiest drive to Essenbach for the sun shone from in front of us for the entire journey. No mercy, none at all. From the rays of the sun I mean. It was relentless and we fought tooth and nail with it because however much we would’ve loved a tan, getting to ESKARA on time and in one piece was of higher priority that morning.

I used my hands to prop me up an inch as I aimed for the height at which the shadow of the sun visor would fall till right below my eye, just as Dad did it (above).

I thought about the night before, about how Papa went around the shops below asking if they had any felt-tip pens to spare because I had carelessly forgotten to check if the felt-tip pens I were using for my exam the next day were still sufficient. They weren’t.

Then I thought about that morning, about how, despite his clear exhaustion, he didn’t mind driving me to a location an hour’s drive away. He tried to hide it as well as he could, but I guess I knew him too well to see through his mask of strength.

And then I thought about where his strength always came from. He didn’t have breakfast that morning before we left because he was planning to get a meal from a well-known baker in Essenbach, so glucose couldn’t have been what gave him strength. It must have been something deeper than something to superficial.



The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature. ― Abbé Prévost, Manon Lescaut

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I went to Essenbach not knowing anyone at the exam venue but I left with friends after a guy and three other girls approached me about getting a Bayern ticket together to get a cheaper train ride back to Munich…

“Entschuldigung, brauchst du ein Bayern Ticket? Also fährst du nach München?”

“Ja sicher, das wäre super!”

… and after a girl settled down next to me in the train as she battled with the straps of her backpack while mumbling how difficult — and not to mention tiring — the paper was. She wasn’t whiny, she was light-hearted about it. We skipped the introductions and jumped straight into talking about what our thoughts were made of that evening. She had Grey’s Anatomy and pretzels on her mind while I had rapeseed flowers and the unbelievably warm Spring in mine.

And then I found that she is not only ALSO Vegan, but ALSO is a mix of an Indonesian mother and a German father.

She grew up in Germany and speaks German without a hint of a foreign accent.

She has a fascination with the English language and picked up a British accent after years of watching Brtish Sitcoms.

Oh and her name is Isabel but she prefers Izzy.

The ways of the universe are incredible. How lucky am I to have met You?



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