How Yet Another Day In The Alps Plays Out

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Oh Papi. :’)

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I kept forgetting things. I left half my cup of green tea undrunk, I almost brushed my teeth without toothpaste, I left my shoelaces untied for a good part of my hike… and worst of all, I didn’t have my camera with me when I chanced upon the most beautiful of tulips because I left my camera at home! I never leave without my camera! 😦

One thing I didn’t forget to do though, was to do the routine walk to my backyard after waking up to catch the Morgenrot. It was beautiful.

This day was one of the slower days I’ve had in the last few months. A slow breakfast followed by slow conversations as Dad and I busied ourselves with putting our belongings into boxes. We have big plans for our house, You see. I’ll share a little more in 6 months’ time when all the work has come to completion.

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All I’ll say is that a container was involved. 😉

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This shot was absolutely accidental, I promise! Funny how it seems as though Dad had knocked the 1270kg container out of its path, hey?

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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A slow dinner of baked spice potatoes and paprika-spiced broccolis ensued the hours of back-breaking packing. It was about halfway through devouring the bowl’s contents when I realised that I had once again forgotten a drizzle of my sweet homemade PB gravy, but I was seated so comfortably on the edge of the bank in my backyard, and had such a killer view at that, that I chose to forgo leaving for a few minutes to get about making and drizzling the drizzle.

I was content where I was and with what I had. My heart was full.

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The slow day ended with a slow but insanely windy cycle to one of our mountain neighbours, i.e. a family friend who lived on the neighbouring mountain, for he would be storing our bikes for our while the works were taking place at our place.

It was exhilarating, exciting and ever so soul-awakening.

The wind wasn’t soft like the way Mum kisses me, nor was it like the touch of a feather across my face. It was more of a gust, like being pushed by a rambunctious playmate. Trees were rustling, the ends of my unzipped jacket were being whipped around and the bells were cling-clang-ing each other in the distance (bells hung at the front entrance seems to be a thing in the Alps, I think we’ll need to get a set of bells soon too).

It was cool, it was fresh and it made me feel ever so alive.

I couldn’t help but smile the whole way there. Everything about that day gave me the positive vibes I needed so very much then. Despite of everything I forgot to do that day, thank goodness I didn’t forget to appreciate the little joys in life.



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