Nothing Changed, We Still Eat Pizza

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We went our own ways, we changed, we grew and we’re sorta different but we’re sorta the same too. It’s like we’re each on missions to take on different, unique experiences, only to come back together one day to share our stories and to catch up where we left off. It’s always special being able to hear about how they’re doing, how life has been treating them.

It’s heartening and not to mention comforting to know that our new selves get along as well as our old selves did. Life comes down to a few moments. This was one of them.

This definitely was one of them.

This was my Canoeing team, well part of it.

And we love to eat, pizza mostly. I remember how our outings in the past usually ended up at PizzaHut and we’d somehow always manage to snag up a discount while we’re there. Call it luck? I call it fate.  😉

This time we opted for Alt. Pizza.

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Yi Herng and I ordered one of their Signature Pizzas: the Lean & Green Pizza. It is usually topped with a roasted garlic pesto, mozzarella, feta, broccoli, baby spinach and roasted squash, but I ordered mine without the mozzarella and feta to make it Vegan-friendly. It was delightful. 🙂

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The guys, with the exception of Kafi, are all still enrolled in National Service and us non-soldiers had the luxury of listening to the many stories they had stored under their sleeves. From insanely minimal rations — e.g. 2 days worth of food to last 9 days of trekking; they were tasked to find their own food for the days when food ran out! — to crazy weight loss/ gain experience — Mark lost 8kg within 24 days in Brunei (I think.) but subsequently gained it in Taiwan due to the huge suppers there (hahaha) — and to frightening activities which could have led to fatal falls. They even shared an incident during which a group of soldiers (from a few batches ago) was on the above-mentioned 9-day trek and on the 8th day, they were so tired that they were careless in choosing a resting location. They ended up setting up tent beside a ‘dead tree’, there happened to be a thunderstorm that night, and lightning struck the ‘dead tree’ that stood by their sleeping bags. The ‘dead tree’ fell and if my memory doesn’t fail me, 2 or 3 lives were lost that night. 😦

I just hope the guys will continue to stay strong and be okay.
I cannot wait till we meet again in July.

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We made our way from Suntec to Ion, where we were to meet Wei Hao, who was making his way from camp by taxi. Just as I exited the gantry of the Orchard MRT, I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw my ex-classmate from 3C2 ’11 and 4C2 ’12 in Crescent.

“Xiu Lun!!” I almost screamed.

She had the same look of shock that she always had whenever… anything happened, really! Haha she’s such a delight, a ray of light! I just love how her smile and bubbly personality effortlessly brings out positivity in me. It’s so easy to be happy around her. 🙂

So You see, we had to get a shot together. We just had to. You just have to do these things when You bump into old friends. That’s the beauty of paths crossing each other — the surprise, the joy and the fun that comes with it.

I looked around and spotted the beautiful bright projection of a tree (above) and figured that a shot in front of it. As You can see (directly below), that didn’t really work out for us as the lighting did nothing more than darken our faces and provide an eerie glow around our heads.

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So we decided to use it to brighten our faces instead haha!  😉

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A picture of the team was a must too when Wei Hao joined us. 🙂 So ta-da!

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The guys still had space in their tummies after the whole pizza for dinner so they ended up getting a serving of llao llao each. We then settled for a relaxing end to our outing upon the steps in front of Wisma Atria — still talking, still laughing, and some of us still eating.

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Thank You guys for taking time out of Your book-out time/ Uni studies for this night that we shared together. It sure was lovely and I’d be lying if I said that I am sitting still as I think about the trampolining outing we plan to have in July.

Oh blimey, I’m excited!


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