Red, Blue & Gold; F-O-R XXIII

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In days of yore from western shores
Oldham dauntless hero came
and planted a Beacon of Truth and Light
in this island of the Main.

Here may it stand from year to year
emblem of grand endeavour
The regions round echo the sound
of A.C.S. forever.

I went back to AC on the 2nd of April to join in the fun of the biennial Fun-O-Rama that ACJC has held for over forty years — this year, it was Fun-O-Rama XXIII. Held once every 2 years, Fun-O-Rama is a unique ACJC experience where parent volunteers partner the college to showcase their exceptional culinary skills and lend their support by securing and contributing sponsorship for food, products and services for the event.

Besides the food, game stalls, escape room-esque games and haunted houses were aplenty.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I remember my class’, 2SC5’s, experience as we planned our booths for Fun-O-Rama XXII in 2014… It wasn’t a breeze but the funds we earned for AC and the sweet memories were worth every effort. Every class was to put up one food stall and one game stall. I remember being part of the food group and we decided on selling soup! We had pumpkin soup, mushroom soup and tomato soup up for sale and we, the servers, had cheeky aprons and hair ‘nets’ as part of our costume. 🙂

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I spent about 30 minutes finding my way through the throngs of visitors, bumping into friends, teachers and lovely cleaners and security guards (who very surprisingly still remembered me!) before I met up with Yu Shen and Xav. We walked away from the hubbub of events and towards the other side of the field where we visited our beloved pull-up bars (below) and the SuperGym. I guess we wanted to invite waves of nostalgia to ourselves… We quite possibly spent a good 1/3 of our entire time in AC training at these locations so You can imagine that these locations were teaming with memories for us.

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Enough infrastructure, here are my friends! 🙂

As they say, C- picture quality, but A++ friendship — hi Jo!

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Friends with lovely smiles and souls — Hello Amanda & Jessica!

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It’s been a while — Alohaaa Puts and the lovely Sharmdran!

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It felt like forever since I last saw any of my team mates – (finally) hello again Yu Shen & Xav!

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But wait, of course, our beloved Council heads exhibiting their sales(wo)man skills haha!So lovely seeing You two again, Claire and Joel!

Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven. — Tryon Edwards

I unfortunately couldn’t stay for too long as I had to rush off to a dear friend’s little exhibition at SCAPE*. More on that here!


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