Popaganda Popsicles At Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

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It all started when Alex sent this link to our group chat. It seemed like the perfect getaway for the three of us — the perfect get-together to catch up on the past few months which we’ve missed out on from each others’ lives.

The article spoke about how the former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station would open its doors to the public on Good Friday, which took place on the 25th of March this year. A 90s-themed art market will be set up to showcase handmade craft in support of local talents — more than 100 art, retail and F&B booths will be set up by home-grown artists, designers, hobbyists and bakers along the rail platform.

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Tanjong Pagar Railway Station was gazetted as a national monument in 2011 and I’m not surprised at all. That place was beautiful.

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Funny story how I got around taking this picture of the front of the historic site…

I was helping Dad out at work earlier in the day and we completed our work about an hour later than anticipated so I ended up arriving back at home at 1.25pm when I was actually supposed to meet Alex and Jo at the venue already at 1pm. Oh blimey. So I freshened up, got into my favourite blue flowy tank and jean shorts and made my way to the site quicker than You could say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. Okay I may have exaggerated the speed of things a little, but I’m hoping You got me — I really really rushed.

Well then I ended up reaching the Railway Station at 1.40pm and as I walked right past the arches, my feet suddenly stopped in its tracks. “Wait, I have to take a picture of the architecture first,” I thought to myself, “just two seconds, I just need two seconds for this…”

So I backtracked a little till I was a good distance away and just after I got the shot I was hoping for, I checked my camera, smiled with satisfaction and looked up to see two familiar faces with their phones held up in front of them, snapping away at me.

They were Alex and Jo. 🙂 Oh I missed them so.

I ran over and gave them each a hug before we got together for one big group hug.

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This was what greeted us when we walked through the arched entrance into the railway station — throngs and throngs of people weaving their way through the crowd around the makeshift stalls and another group of visitors taking ‘artsy fartsy’ shots with the rustic railway.

It wasn’t even 3pm yet, which was when the event was officially supposed to begin, but the amount of visitors already present there was already pretty overwhelming! I must say that I was pretty blown away by that! The Arts scene in Singapore sure is taking off. 😛

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From absolutely beautiful stone jewellery (which I must say I really really fell in love with), to Singapore short stories written by local authors, adorable stickers which happened to be waterproof, soy wax candles which were good for moisturising one’s skin and to special mixes of rocks which were said to be able to provide protection, encourage bravery or invite love into one’s life, I must say that there definitely was a wide array of products available at the venue.

My favourite part was being able to stop and interact with the stall owners. We’d find out a little about the thought process behind the conceptualisation of their designs and the ways their products could add value to the buyers’ lives. I sure did love seeing the little sparkle in their eyes as they spoke of something they were so passionate about and believed in so much. They were such inspiring people.

My other favourite part was when we spotted Popaganda Popsicles from across the train tracks. My eyes zoomed right onto their bright teal blue cart and it was as if nothing else in the world mattered to me at that moment — everything else around it blurred in my vision. HAD. TO. GET. POPSICLE. Not getting it was not an option.

So Popaganda Popsicles we got and many many pictures of them we took, because hey! ‘Life-changing’ moments such as this one is definitely worthy of a place in our memories!

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I had the Mango Coconut (left), Alex had the Mixed Berries (middle) and Jo had the Coconut Lemongrass (right)! I’ve previously tried the Dark Chocolate-Banana flavour during a trip to Pasarbella with Rui Chen a couple of years back and the Pure Coconut flavour with Niki and Miriam during a meal at Real Foods last year, and I’ve got to say that the Mango Coconut popsicle which I enjoyed this time round at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station was by far the best flavour I’ve had so far. It wasn’t too heavy, too dense or too sweet. It was, simply put, too delicious, too good to be true. I was so close to buying another popsicle but I remember the big dinner I was planning to have that night, so I held my wallet tight — real tight.

What I really love about Popaganada Popsicles is that they don’t take short cuts when it comes to producing healthful, nourishing food. They don’t dilute their mixes or add nasty processed ingredients. They are honest and include only the purest, dearest and cruelty-free-est ingredients into their popsicles. Seriously, just freshly squeezed fruits, coconut water and organic raw agave nectar? I don’t know how it could get better than that! 😉

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After the popsicles, we partook in a self-declared photoshoot (haha!) before making our way to a nearby mall named “100am”. We had a bit of difficulty understanding the reasoning behind its name…

We found ourselves taking a seat in a little Sushi Burrito outlet, where I was pleasantly surprised that there were Vegan options! I did not end up purchasing anything to eat because I was still trying to rake up my hunger for the big dinner that night, but Alex and Jo shared a Sushi burrito together. 🙂

As they struggled to munch into the sushi burritos as neatly as they could — the sushi burritos sure do make a mess of themselves haha! — we simultaneously talked about things which were very present in our lives then. Like how Jo had to do research on a brilliant composer — who seemed to have much tension in both his life and his musical pieces — for a very recent project and how Alex had a particularly intelligent professor in University.

Catching up with these beautiful friends felt like opening my favourite gift. They’re just so easy to be with and to talk to. I somehow never ever feel the need to be someone else or the need to hide who I really am when I’m with them. I still find it mind-boggling how they really do accept me for me and for who I wish to be. It’s touching, it’s heartening and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The two of You are so precious to me, You’re like little gems I hold really really close to my heart.

Distance doesn’t seem to do much to a friendship when it comes to friends like Alex and Jo. Their spirits are present within me and they never seem to far away, even when WhatsApp or video calls are the only things that would provide us with a means of connection between each other.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


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