Bowl-Tastic Moment #5

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Okay, okay You caught me… this wasn’t exactly a bowl, more like a deep baking dish which I happen to love very very much because of its fancy wavy rim and the fact that it’s simply just the perfect size!

I remember how this 30-minute virtually fool-proof meal came about…

You see, my dear friend, Yun Wei, has this thing for curry. She could go on and on for hours talking about her love for curry, how Indian curry differed from Thai curry and how Thai curry differed from Malaysian curry or how best to serve and enjoy curry dishes.

And You see, I’m not the type to be able to resist the temptation of caving in to my cravings, so when I got home at 12.53pm that day, I set my bag down, took my beanie off, wriggled out of my scarf and peeled off my thick winter jacket before I got cracking in the kitchen.

First, I poured lentils and spelt grains into a water-filled saucepan and let it cook.

Then, I chopped a handful of brussels sprouts (go wild with veggies – any would work!) and about three inches of leek (spring onion would be fantastic too!). I added these into the lentil-spelt-water mixture to for everything to finish cooking together. Once they’re all lovely and well cooked, I scooped some chickpeas (which I had pre-cooked the day before and stored in my fridge) added a touch of curry powder, pepper, rosemary and thyme before mixing it altogether.

Finally, I created some Zoodles, i.e. Z(ucchini N)oodles, and slices some tomatoes before serving it in a not-so-bowlish bowl! Top with some gorgeous parsley flakes and voilà!

It was light yet filling, super duper fresh, laden with good-for-me-and-you veggies and best of all, it was EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZYOh which reminds me, add a squeeze of lemon if You like things fresher than fresh!

Plus, it’s extremely customizable. Use your pasta (or like me, non-pasta) of choice, sub in your favorite veggies, throw in fresh herbs, leave out the curry powder, roast the tomatoes, top with pesto or hummus even – the options are endless and the satisfaction infinite!

The beautiful thing about dishes like this? Leftovers. Leftovers are a dream. I made a big batch of the curry spelt-chickpea stew which I ate alongside baked sweet potatoes, brown rice, red quinoa and even homemade tortilla chips! Yum yummm yummmmm!


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