Now THIS is what I call a Life-Saver!! (Attn: All Students)

“Once a spore is produced, it needs to get out into the world where it can grow and thrive. It does this through dispersal adaptations in the spore, which are different features which allow the spore to travel. Some spores are so light they get picked up by the wind and blown to a new place. Other spores ride on the currents of rivers and streams.”

Just like spores, once a student enters the world of college, he/ she needs to get out into the world when he/she can learn, grow, survive and thrive. The student does this through psychological and physical adaptations. Some students are so skilled they breeze through college. Others take a slower but just as effective path towards success.

Jokes aside… 

Either way, students need a one-up every now and then and this may very well be the best compilation of it all! I’m really really REALLY serious, You’ve got to check this out: 20 Websites every college student needs in their life

You can thank me later. 😉


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