Bowl-Tastic Moment #2



I like  adore  love oatmeal. To me, it’s not boring. I agree that ordinary oatmeal is very boring, but not the chocolate-y pudding-y gooey crunchy fruity five-grain delightful kind – the kind that P O P S in your mouth when you get little glorious spoonful bursts of it.

It’s currently 6.03pm on a Thursday evening as I’m typing out this post and apart from the tick-tack-typing on my keyboard, all I’m hearing is the staccato-type pitter patter of rain drops on my window. It sounds like the heavens are knocking on my window panes, so soft, so gentle, yet so… forceful. I peered out and saw, through the curtain of water, the dimmed lights of a sprawling city that is Munich. In the buzz of things, I somehow felt a sense of peace, with nothing else other than my beating heart in my chest, the cool raindrops on my window that are now making squiggly zig-zaggy patterns as they made their way down my window pane and the softened lights in the distance for accompaniment on this cold cold evening.

The whole scenario reminds me of a poem I came across on hello poetry very recently:

Raindrops by Rockie


Ah… but I digress.


This was a bowl from the other morning, it was a Sunday I believe. I remember that Munich had the warmth of sunlight, a friend of mine had the joy of receiving a parcel from her family back home, and I? I had the pleasure of savouring every bit of this beautiful bowl of warm *Choco-Banana-based Oatmeal*, topped with chopped sweet mangoes, refreshing frozen berries and a sprinkle of crunchy buckwheat groats.

I may or may not have licked the bowl after I swallowed the last spoonful’s worth of oatmeal.


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