Travelling (As A Vegan) 101


If there is one thing to be said about travelling as a Vegan (applicable for any other diet too, really), it’s that if one fails to plan, one plans to fail. In a time and place where people of all walks of life diets live shoulder to shoulder, one can’t simply expect for society to conform to one’s diet just because of his/ her beliefs.

For any Vegans out there who may need a little help with getting fed during travels, I hope the following tips would help You out in one way or another:

1. With every special diet comes the need for special preparation, i.e. pre-travel googling on the destination to find out how one would be able to feed oneself while they’re there. Sure, there’s a little extra effort required but these few minutes one spends googling potential meal locations go a long way in terms of health. I’d say that it’s a pretty good deal for a lifetime worth of health – I mean, “lifetime” provided You do this religiously. Googling brings me to a couple of my favourite sites such as Happy Cow and Vegman (<< check out their amazing <i>amazing app!!). It really is so so simple. I typed “Vegan Berlin” in the Google search bar and got directed to this, this and this! How fortunate are we to live in a time and age of Google supremacy!

2. Make a trip to the grocery store! Prepare simple meals which do not require any form of cooking. Previously in one of my previous posts titled, “Getting Lunch”, I mentioned that I got myself a packet of delicious 5-Grain Oatmeal flakes along with a packet each of Mango-Lucuma and Kakao-Date Chia Topping. Well this was what they were for: Banana OIAJ, i.e. Overnight Oats In A Jar. (Oh and the mason jar? I got it at Butlers. I got cool utensils along with the jar – they have red handles with white polka dots.) It always pays to be well-prepared.


3. Utilise the “Vegman” app. It is a wonderful wonderful WonDERful WONDERFUL (!!!!) creation that enables one to find the nearest Vegetarian/ Vegan/ Veg.-friendly restaurant/ café/ bistro. Seriously, a life-saver. It works all over the world, and it was because of this stroke of genius that I found places like “Krawummel” in Münster, “Gratitude” in Munich and “The Bowl” in Berlin.

The recommendations do not disappoint, that’s for sure! Here is a little snippet of my night at “The Bowl”.


It was full-house that evening/ night and it was already close to 9pm when Mum, Dad and I reached the restaurant (we arrived in Berlin pretty late after a road trip to Solzow that day). 9pm!! To still be filled to capacity at such hours must mean something about the quality of food one can get there.


We ended up waiting for about 25 minutes in the queue, and probably another 20 before we got our food but it definitely was worth the wait.


I had the Falafel Bowl, Mum had the Mexican Bowl and Dad had the Italian Bowl. Yum, yum and more yummmm!! It really was the best possibly way to end the exhausting day on the road. What a dream it’d be if “The Bowl” were to open an outlet in Munich! I’d flock there everyday (till I learn how to make the dishes myself hahaha… I kid).


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” – Dr. Napoleon Hill

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