Day 5 pt. II: Meeting friends and family


Münster, done. Next up was to drive back to Dad’s hometown, a little village slightly South-western from Frankfurt city centre. This little village is called “Leeheim”, a place where people speak with the Hessen dialect and say things like “gu mol doa” instead of “guk mal da” to instruct/ tell another person to “take a look at that”.

We had plans to visit one of Dad’s close friends, someone he’s kept in his life since his days in primary school, and my elder sister, her husband and two adorable sons.

Like with any other road trip, this one came with stops along the highway where we’d get off for lunch at a rest station. Rest stations had everything, think books, meals/ packed food, toys, bottled drinks, road maps, CDs, toilets, etc. I mean, really, everything. That time round, I got myself a book titled “Ich finde dich” for my curious mind, a beautiful oriental-ish maroon-ish scarf for my exposed neck and a satisfying serving of a sauerkraut-salad bowl for my grumbling tummy.

It was around 2/3pm when we reached Dad’s friend’s house in Leeheim and we were greeted with hugs, kisses, German Christmas delicacies and a whole lot of laughter (they’re such a cheery pair!). It wasn’t too long a visit but I did leave with a full tummy and hands smelling like coco-mango because they had fruity edibles up for grabs and delightful coco-mango soap in the bathroom!

Next up was visiting my elder sister and her cute little family!


How sweet… these little boys! *squeals*


“Oh come on Paul, take Your finger out of Your nose,” instructs their Mum.


“UGGHHNNnnngggggghhh,” retorts Paul.


Giso then lets out a soft sigh as he reclines forwards onto the hammock. Well, bed time was coming soon.


As we drove away that evening and made our way back to the hotel, I spotted something lovely graffitied on one of the walls we drove by. It read, “Life is great!” I’m not sure whether it’s just me, but I’ve never actually seen something positive/ encouraging/ motivating in the form of graffiti, so to see this was truly a breath of fresh air.

That night I got back to the hotel to find an unread text waiting for me. It informed me that a very dear friend of mine got accepted into the Uni course she was dreaming of since forever.

Ah. Life truly is great.


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