Day 5 pt. I: The Morning After


The morning after, we went for a walk. We went for a walk in pitch pitch black Lüdinghausen. Pitch pitch black Lüdinghausen meant that lights would be a thousand times more magical and streets would be much emptier.

Exercise tights… “check!”, fleece (aka Vega wool) tops… “check!” and cozy beanies… “check!”

“Bananas?” I piped in. “Hahaha check!”

And that was it, we were off!


The little town had short messages strung up above the cobblestone paths: similar to the one above which reads, “Nun nicht Weihnachten.” (“It isn’t Christmas now (i.e. yet).”)


This one read, “Bald schon Weihnachten.” (“Christmas will soon arrive.”)


Huggy snuggly, warm and fuzzy!


I particularly love this image of Mum under rows after rows of lights because she looks as if she was glowing, somewhat angelic.


Morning workouts get a little sillier when there aren’t any others around us… we surely do dance a little harder when no one is watching. Hehe!


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches


At this point, I helplessly dissolved into laughter. It was a laughter that I could feel in my lungs, so hard that it took my breath away. Sometimes I feel like I’m the adult here…


We got sort of lost forty-five minutes into our walk but it turned out to be a blessing because look at what a beautiful Christmas market it led us too. Well of course it wasn’t opened then but they had left the lights on overnight – how delightful! I felt as though I was at some sort of party location, it looked pretty magical and to say that would still be an understatement.


After about an hour’s worth of exploring – getting lost and finding our way back onto our intended path – we spotted the real estate shop we took as a marker for our hotel (because it was located at the next corner after the hotel) and were overjoyed as we found a hint of ‘familiarity’ in the midst of so much unfamiliarity.


“Ah what a nice wooden bench, take a picture of me and we can send it back to Carol(ine) over Whats Up!”

1. Mum means “WhatsApp”.

2. I find it lovely how her maternal instincts of sharing joy with her loved ones always kicks in.

3. I love how Dad always plays along with Mum.

4. I adore how youthful both my parents still are.


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