BASIC Bio Lunch


Mum arrived some time around 5.17am on the 23rd of November. I calculated that there wouldn’t be much time for us to head home after picking my Mum up. Hence, I already had my Gym and school essentials packed in my trustee exercise tote bag and all there was to do was for me to be dropped off at the Gym before my parents head back to the apartment.

As I didn’t have my bike with me, my parents picked me up from school that day. About 3 minutes into the drive back to the apartment, I began hearing a few grumbles coming from my Mum’s tummy.

“What do You both say to trying out the 100% organic Basic Bio bistro located right beside the Basic Bio Supermarket?”

I was spoilt for choice! From curry-coconut soups to tabouleh (Mum and sister calls this dish “tak boleh” hahaha) to pies and oh gosh so many many yummy yummy things – all of which were wonderfully Vegan! I settled for the salad bar because I would be assured a good mix of everything since I couldn’t decide on one thing for a meal.

A friendly Vietnamese man served us at the cashier and he had a smile which would make flowers bloom in anyone’s heart. His cheeriness and heartfelt service contrasted the rather gloomy day we were having. Oh what a joy it was meeting him!


I’ll get about dissecting the mishmash meal I had:

Tomato-Mint Tabouleh, sautéed beet root-apple, a zingy serve of fresh cucumbers,  baked pumpkin wedges, beautifully steamed cauliflower, broccoli and kidney beans, lentils, and a mixture of brown button ‘shrooms and some sort of black algae-looking string-like things (tasted much better than it looked!) which presumably were mushrooms too.

(My pictures don’t do justice to how good their food looked. Head on *here* if You fancy better photography.)


If anyone drops by Munich, here’s the address for when You may be interested in visiting this charming bistro snug in the area of Maxvorstadt:

Herzogstraße 129
80797 Munich


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