She’s flying over Kashmir


“Oh no no she’s way past Kashmir, I think that’s the Black Sea she’s passing by right now. I flew over that same area during my flight here and it was bumpy there. Very bumpy, I mean turbulent.” – Dad as he tracked Mum’s flight (using an online app) when she flew over to Munich on the 23rd.

I thought about what a beautiful thing love could be – to know that one would speak in melodic whispers of love to You from a thousand miles away, how much he/ she misses You when the both of You are apart, to know that there’ll always be someone waiting for Your arrivals, to know that no matter what, You’d know that there will be someone out there thinking about You… to be embraced in a love so deep one could only feel warm, cosy and so very blessed

To hear someone say “I love You” and just know that he/ she means it with all of his/ her heart.


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