How You Can Be the Best You Can Be


Boris lived through one of the worst imaginable scenarios ever – at the mere age of 25, he jumped off a rock and ended up breaking his cervical spine, leaving him 90% paralysed. In other words, he had become what society deemed as an ‘invalid’.

Boris Grundl is an impressive personality: he has managed to achieve what many would consider impossible. Despite all his handicaps, he graduated from University with a degree in Sports Psychology (first one in the world to have completed this study in a wheelchair), he was a top sportsman in wheelchair rugby (the best European player of his class) and within just a few years he had become marketing and sales director in a large European company selling wheelchairs. Today he shares his extraordinary experiences through power presentations, seminars, coaching sessions and books.

Boris became the best that he could be despite all his circumstances…

How do You become the best that You can be?

  • Concentrate on what You have and not on what You don’t.
  • Interpreted our lives in a way that we would like to have it. Turn the negatives into something You view as a strength not a liability.
  • How can I benefit others? What am I meant for in life?
  • Don’t spread Yourself too thin – opt for less with greater intensity than more with less intensity.

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