Life Is Easy. Why Do We Make It So Hard?


Jon Jandai gave such a humorous account on the struggles of the 21st Century and the needlessness of it. He talked about his time in University and how he found it boring and useless because all it provided were tools to destroy our planet, e.g. Engineering/ Architecture (destroys this planet by removing greens to substitute them with concrete), Agriculture Management (destroys this planet by teaching men to use chemicals to upset the chemical balance in our soil), etc. His views don’t paint the full picture in the sense that he doesn’t include the positives of an education in a University, however one can’t deny that he made some pretty good points.

“A simple life makes you charming, and a simple heart makes you happy. However, learning simplicity is anything but simple.” – Anonymous

This quote described perfectly what I learned from Jandai today. For laughs and life lessons, give the embed video below a watch.


This was one of the comments I spotted below the video:

“I like this video very much. He is so right. I work 10 hours a day. I don’t have a house. I pay a hell of rent here in Switzerland. This world we live in is very complicated and often exhausting. Too much frustration and too less fun. I think we all know it and feel but it is nearly impossible to change it. – Sreter Zot

Take it easy and don’t ask for too much out of life, because really, we can survive being minimalists and being satisfied with the simple joys in life.


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