Pristine White Rooftops


Today (Sun, 22.11.2015), I woke up to a winter wonderland where rooftops were pristine white, where hugging trees would leave one shivering, where one could reach one’s gloved hands out to catch snowflakes and marvel at them sparkling in the sun.

It was my first time seeing the first few flakes from Winter, and to say that I was as excited as a flower about to bloom, would have been an understatement. I stood by the window sill with my arms propping my head up as I positioned myself in the most comfortable way to watch little white specks of cotton candy falling from the sky. Some were falling in clumps, while others fell individually. Some were spiralling down, some were parachuting in a pendulum motion, while others bungee jumped. Some melted mid-air, while other survived their travel down to Earth.

All of them looked different and behaved differently too – but all of them beautiful and undoubtedly charming in their very own ways. Humans are like that too, don’t You think?

“Papa, let’s go for a walk”, I suggested. And so we did.

We went for a 60-minute running route through Olympiapark where we found ourselves running by Coubertinplatz, Olympiaberg, Martin-Luther-King Weg, the BMW Museum and right through the Olympisches Dorf complex before making it back into our cosy, warm, pomegranate-scented apartment. It was a fresh run – the kind that gave one chills to the bone not just because it was freezing cold but also because 30km/h winds were coming our way in unapologetic bouts.

Dad showed me a tree along the way, from which humans extract the food preservative, E202, and our conversation moved thereon to how lichens could be used as a compass for lost travellers (moss grows mostly on the north side of trees, rocks and buildings) and to the amusing ability of ducks and swans to not shiver while floating on an ice cold lake (especially since their legs and webbed feet have no feathers to keep them warm).

I just slurped up a comforting bowl of veggie-lentil-spelt sprout stew and am now having a generous mug of warm oat milk for dessert as I’m typing out this post. The magnitude of snow fall has noticeably increased and I can barely see further than a 800m radius – I know this because I can barely see the church which is about 766m away!

I’ve got a Zumba and a LESMILLS Body Pump Class coming up later from 5 – 6pm and 6 – 7pm respectively. Considering I can’t train properly without the very important 20-min warm-up bike ride to the Gym and the 20-min cool down bike ride back to the apartment, I think it’s inevitable that I’ll be nudging myself towards choosing my bike over the train.

Oh dear what am I getting myself into…

Wish me luck!


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