How I Spent ‘World Vegan Day’


“Happy World Vegan Day, Nat!!!!” was what I woke up to on the 1st of November.

The blessing of a friendship is truly something. It’s a little bit different with every person… every friend. I feel that with some friends, it’s a collection of many little memories, while with others… you pretty much just know right from the beginning. However there often comes a little quiet moment when you stop and think: “We were meant to be friends.” When I received those messages that day, I experienced many of those ‘little quiet moments’.

Thank You, my beautiful friends.

Excuse all the sentimentality, but sometimes one has just got to gush.

It was a foggy morning to start with (even though the weather report stated it’d be a sunny day) and it felt as though I was cycling through one cloud after another. I experienced the strange sensation of witnessing birds disappearing before my very eyes as they flew higher and higher and effectively deeper and deeper into the fog.

It was only as I was nearing the Gym that I saw some truth to the weather report. My eyelashes refracted the light of the sun and dissolved it into its rainbow components.

Upon reaching the Gym, I was initially a little bummed about the fact that the 10am Zumba class I was looking forward to was cancelled because it was a public holiday in Germany. It was a pleasant surprise to then find out that a 90-minute Yoga class at 10.30am would be replacing the Zumba class. I had 30 minutes on my hands, so I decided that I’d spend it well and warmed myself up on the treadmill and elliptical!

At that point in time, my muscles were still recovering from a particularly tough day at the Gym the day before, so Yoga proved to be quite a challenge initially, considering its requirement for both flexibility and strength. However as the class progressed, so did my flexibility and I even managed to place my complete palm on the floor doing the remain-standing-as-I-bend-forward-without-bending-my-knees-and-reach-for-the-floor move, aka standing forward bend. Whoohoooo achievement unlocked!

We ended off the session with meditation. About halfway through it, I felt my forehead getting warmer and warmer. The peculiar warmth then slowly inched towards my eyes until the sun’s rays penetrated through my eyelids. It was like the sun was embracing my soul. I felt so warm… so loved.

I felt all the knots within me untie themselves and it was almost as if I had melted into the ground… it was as though I had laid all my worries on the ground… scattered all around me… it just felt so so very good to be truly relaxed.


I felt so free with the sun on my face, the sound of birds chirping wafting into my ears and the soft blow of the wind blowing hair strands away from my face. The ride home that day was the first time in a long time during which I didn’t see the need to rush. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t see the need to overtake the cyclist pedalling slowly ahead of me. For the first time in a long time… I was content with life going at a slower pace.


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