How to Love and Be Loved


“Life is really all about love. When people choose love, they always choose right. I was thinking about the ways the light inside each of us could shine, and my favourite way is through our love which can illuminate in our relationships. As simply as I can put it, we are here, on this very Earth, to love and to be loved.” – Billy Ward

Ward revealed the three different types of people in our lives:

1. The Sun who radiates warm rays of sunlight. He/ she continues to show up every day sharing his/ her light and energy unconditionally. Author Anthony de Melo writes: Has the Sun ever said to the Earth, “You own me.” Look what happens to a love like that. It lights up the whole sky.

Is there someone in Your life who could use a little unconditional love? 

Be their Sun.

2. The Lighthouse who emanates light from the top of its structure at the ocean’s edge where the sea meets the land, whose primary purpose is to help ‘guide sailors and boaters home’, i.e. guide You to Your authentic self, to the truth of who You are, to the person that You’re meant to be, to the path that You’re meant to be on.

Is there someone in Your life that could use a little guidance, a little direction?

Be their Lighthouse.

3. The Disco Ball, off of which light bounces. This is someone who shows up with the fun, loving energy wherever they are, wherever they go. One can be the Disco Ball for everyone else around them if they loved themselves unconditionally. We could all reflect a little bit of love back home, so that we can dance like nobody is watching.

Each of us have the same love and light within us, the same goodness within us. We are all worthy of love and belonging just as we are, imperfectly imperfect. And once we begin to open ourselves to love, we will learn to see it everywhere, creating a peace, a freedom and a truth that will shift Your overall, entire experience.

“If we can begin to make an effort to love and to be loved without any conditions, we will bring a whole new level of meaning to our relationships and to our experience.” – Billy Ward

Live a life where You can love and be loved.



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