Snug as a Bug in a Rug


I was left bed-ridden during the little break I had between the 3rd of 4th term in language school and didn’t move much other than the short commute between my bedroom, my study table and my kitchen. I had been in very low spirits and the horrible chest infection – that left me gasping for air every few hours and thereby experiencing fainting spells from the lack of Oxygen in my system – did nothing but rip whatever faith I had left for better days, out of me.

I was a little wobbly as I put my helmet on and fastened my shoe laces, but I just knew I really needed to get out and inhale the fresh Autumn air. I’ve come to believe that time spent with Nature is by far one of the best ways to heal oneself both spiritually and physically.

It was to be an easy ride, I told myself.

That evening, I wanted to see, or rather experience, something new. I wanted to surprise myself. I wanted to occupy my mind with something I’d find mesmerising or maybe even intriguing. This way I could forget about the crippling discomfort I felt in my chest… even if only for a moment.

As I got onto the saddle of my bike, I directed myself towards Olympiapark immediately – a location in Munich which I hold dear to my heart for the many magical moments I’ve already experienced there. I pedalled and pedalled and pedalled without looking back. Not even once. I don’t know why, I just wanted to get further and further and further away from where I was. The running wind touched me ever so gently and found its way onto my chest as it weaved through the little spacing in the shawl I had accidentally left gaping open while carelessly wrapping it around my neck. The coolness of the air on my skin felt like nature was caressing me. I smiled at the thought that it was her way of calming and assuring me that everything was going to be okay.


I docked my bike by this tree and ran my fingers through my hair as I did so – a weak attempt at getting my sick self a little presentable for the public. For some reason, I gravitated towards the lone bench at the top of this hill. I wanted to see what hid behind this raised area of land. I wanted to see what surprises Nature had in store for me.


And this beauty of a sunset was what I saw as I sat myself down on that bench.

There was something so unbelievably comforting about being alone and so aware of myself and whatever surrounded me there and then. Nature never disappoints. 

I saw everything from up there – little kids chasing little puppies around amongst fits of adorable chuckles, an elderly couple having an evening stroll hand-in-hand and a woman stopping in the middle of her tracks, picking up a yellow-brown fallen maple leaf from the ground and smiling to herself, almost as if she were smitten by Autumn’s beauty.

I felt so free, so unbroken, and so embraced as Nature’s events went about around me.

I remained sitting on the bench well past the sun’s setting and just thought about the whirlwind of life I’ve thrown myself into. The last few months have been crazy and in that very moment, I actually felt as though all of this was right, as though Munich was right.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” – Aaron Siskind

It brings me comfort knowing that one day I would be able to browse my way to this very picture and remember the way I felt as I sat on the bench and saw the sun set before my very eyes.

Munich could very well be my new home.



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