Unexpected Finds


I love it when I meet someone new, ask a little bit about them, spend the next few minutes listening to them and observe their eyes lighting up from speaking about something they hold dear to their heart.

“Ya and…. it bothers me how the sun sets so early now……. hahahah… oh You too!!??… yup yup…….. yes that’s why!!…. You won’t believe what I saw yesterday……. oh and You know because I’M A VEGAN, …..”


This happened the other day during a conversation I had with my Real Estate Agent. (She’s pretty young and laid-back, so these side conversations had become a norm during our occasional meetings.)

All professional barriers dissolved at that moment and for the first time ever since we met… we connected. We laughed and talked and then laughed some more while being caught up in the disbelief that both of us were clearly in.

We shared about why we turned to Veganism, how it has impacted our lives, our favourite Vegan spots in Munich, and our Vegan must-haves among other topics. She told me that all her colleagues are Vegans. (Wow!!?) She also mentioned her favourite place to get a Vegan Döner, and said that it even tastes better than its meat-y alternative!

“Sometimes we let life guide us, and other times we take life by the horns. But one thing is for sure: no matter how organized we are, or how well we plan, we can always expect the unexpected.” – Brandon Jenner

I think we may be getting the Vegan Döner some time next week, and when I take my first bite into it, I’m sure it’ll be no less amazing than how she had described it to me.



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